Kobe beef is the most expensive of all types of beef because of its limited supply and high care costs to produce a unique quality product that is famous worldwide.

If diners “fall in love” with Kobe beef but are afraid of the high cost, it is difficult to have the opportunity to enjoy it often, many times, then wagyu beef with Shinshu brand is the ideal choice.

?Shinshu wagyu from Nagano province, Japan, which is soft, and the fat blends with like-butter fibers that dissolve in the mouth thanks to Oleic acid and marble – important standards for this wagyu to be classified as the quintessence of Japanese beef. Those are the two secrets that make Shinshu wagyu is preferred by diners to choose among many other wagyu brands.

All Shinshu wagyu, A3 to A5 grades, with a marbling score of 4 to 12, contain at least 52% Oleic acid, a type of unsaturated fatty acid (found in olive oil), making meat softer, the fatty taste is also more distinctive than all other wagyu. This acid also helps lower cholesterol in the blood, so it is better for health.

?From August 2020, Bio Planet officially imported Shinshu wagyu from S Foods Japan Corporation We always have the highest quality meat available: tenderloin, striploin, ribeye for high-grade steaks; and meat cuts for dishes need slicing such as grilled, hot pot, or stir-fried …

? Retail price: From 3,250,000 to 4,850,000 VND / kg.

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